turn your dreaded daily grooming regimen into

an enjoyable daily ritual

the crown shaving story

As a young boy I would spend many Saturdays in my Fathers shop sweeping up hair clippings and fetching coffee’s in the hopes of earning enough pocket change to play a few rounds of pinball at the pool hall next door.

I recall my fascination at the calming sound of a buzzing clipper and the snipping of a scissor. In 1986 at the age of 18, I would graduate from beauty and barbering school in Toronto and proudly go on to work in the family business, one that started back in 1955. After years behind the chair, I suddenly began to develop adverse reactions to many of the grooming products that I would use daily. Common products like shampoo, styling creams, hair tonics, shave creams and more.

The ingredients found in these products contained high alcohol levels, artificial colorants, parabens and sulfates. Unfortunately I had become highly sensitive to these chemicals, and eventually I would have to step away from the business. Realizing the need for a healthier alternative, I decided to turn my attention to developing a brand of grooming products for men containing non irritating ingredients, and after years of searching, testing and working with the finest cosmetic labs, Crown Shaving Co. was born. A line of supreme grooming products for men using only the finest ingredients available.

quality and pride

The first thing you will notice when looking at Crown Shaving Co. products is their masculine appeal. The two barber poles branded on every label instantly let you know that this is a product made for men. Crown Shaving Co. products are enriched with botanical ingredients, artificial colorant free, paraben free and sulfate free. Made and packaged in Toronto Canada.

I invite you to try Crown Shaving Co. and turn your dreaded daily grooming regimen into an enjoyable daily ritual.

-Dino Caracciolo

For more information please contact info@crownshavingco.com

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